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13. Marysville Tour: Drum Lummon Mine

13. From the time Tom Cruse discovered the Drum Lummon gold veins in the 1876 until the flotation mill burned in the 1950's, this mine produced over fifty million dollars in gold bullion. Prior to the turn of the century it contained over twenty miles of mine car rail, mangered working mules in its bowels, and boasted two enormous stamp mills which crushed and processed ore. Although evidence of these mills is now all but erased, at one time their imposing structures and the noise from their individual 90 pound stamps operating at over 100 beats per minute defined Marysville as one of the most important mining communities in the West.

Shortly after his discovery of the Drum Lummon, Tom Cruse sold the mine to the Montana Mining Company, Ltd. for a reported one million, five hundred thousand dollars. This English company was responsible for the greatest development of the mine and continued to operate well into the twentieth century. The last of the mining activity occurred in the 1940's and 1950's under the management of mining engineer, Bill Wade. During this period, the mine utilized modern mining methods and was served by a modern flotation mill. Mining ceased in the early 1950's when the flotation mill burned.

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